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  1. Patsy Kravitz

    I have an 74 Ambassador that a friend has bet me that I will not get restored. I need help. Some of the work I would like to do, but I need help. It’s a hodge podge and may take a year or so (financially) for me to work through it. Let’s chat?

    919 830 4805 or harbourwoman@outlook. com

  2. Robes Jon London

    I am looking to buy a recent (1990’s-2000’s) very clean Airstream and only looking to have the rear section customized as a “toy hauler” with a gullwing door and tie downs for my two motorcycles. Not looking to renovate the entire
    trailer, thus it would be a partial custom job. I’m sure the floor and axles must be reinforced somehow to be able to deal with the weight of my two 500 lb bikes. Airstream made a toy hauler (only 19) some yrs ago as seen here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LGgUQmlapFA
    I do like some aspects of that build plus this one as well….the Eddie Bauer edition model http://www.colonialairstream.com/2016-airstream/eddie-bauer-for-sale/10449/index.html
    The size I’d opt for would probably be no longer than 28′, and the bike parking area would be no longer than 8′ into the rear, with the bikes tied down side to side.
    Would you have an approximate idea of a price range for such a custom job?
    Thx much!

  3. Matt

    I’m looking at getting a 1981 or 1984 Avion. I’d want it gutted and remodeled. What cost could I expect for a complete renovation?


  4. John brannen

    Have a 2018 flying Cloud 28 ft with L front lounge seating and dinette. It’s that awful Truffle brown color. Any way to change interior seating to a sandpiper or oyster color something lighter ? Any suggestions as to tone down the truffle brown decor. Located in Georgia thanks John Brannen

  5. lmatthewsccc@gmail.com

    Good Afternoon Sir,

    Sorry for the slow response. Apparently we are having difficulties with our website comment page.

    Please feel free to email us directly at Dmatthews@capitalcitycustomsinc.com to discuss your upholstery needs.

    Thank you,
    Dan+Lisa Matthews

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